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Do you suffer from heel pain waking up in the mornings, Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia, big toe joint pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, shin pain, knee pain walking up and down stairs, groin strain, iliotibial band friction syndrome, an achey hip or a stiff lower back pain?

Are you training for a marathon or a 5-10km fun run/ park run?

Do you experience a numbness, burning, tingly, sharp, stabbing pains in your feet, legs or back?

Parents, does your child continually trip over, appear to walk or run uncomfortably, wants to be carried, walks into you when they are walking beside you, sound heavy footed or appear clumsy?

Then it may be due to flat/ low arched feet!

Healthy feet are essential to your quality of life and wellbeing and Podiatry is a key element in their preservation. Kinetic Podiatry Clinic provides a comprehensive premier service to all those seeking solutions to their problem pains and injuries in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back  through diagnosis, corrective treatment and long-term preventative therapy.

Our goal is to promote the importance of foot and lower limb alignment and care through the detection and correction of common conditions, injuries, imbalances and biomechanical irregularities. Left undetected and uncorrected,  this in turn can cause otherwise preventable degenerative conditions to impact the body such as feet, ankles, shins,  knees, hips, back and/or even your neck. Often, simple adjustments to the foot (with, for example the use of an orthotic/insole) significantly increases mobility, decreases pain in the lower limbs and gives you the quality of life to do work at home, shopping, go walking, exercise or anything that requires you to be active.

We at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic, can help you solve your problem pains and injuries.