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3D Foot Scan

Kinetic Podiatry - 3D Foot Scan

At Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we use the most up to date advanced 3D foot scanning technology. It is essential that the manufacture of a patient’s bespoke custom orthoses are as accurate and precise as possible. To achieve this, we use the iQube e500 plantar scanner which allows us to produce high quality 3D images with an accuracy to within +/- 0.4mm. This is the attention to detail that is essential for the high-quality service you will receive.

Before the 3D scan of the patient’s feet takes place, it is important to take various measurements of the patients heel position and other anatomical foot positions to provide the correct angular measurements and specific requirements to make the orthoses as specific to each foot. The next essential stage is to complete a detailed patient prescription form. This will give the patient the best and most valuable service possible.

Should you be receiving care from another clinican already and if you would like a second opinion or are not happy on how treatment is progressing. Please feel free to contact reception on 01277 514739 or visit our contact page to book in for a FREE 15 minute "advisory" consultation.