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“Having struggled with flat feet and pain while walking and running for many years, I sought out the help of Kinetic Podiatry Clinic. I was worried that as I wasn’t sporty or an athlete, Kinetic Podiatry Clinic wouldn’t be suitable for me, however, Neil reassured me that his services were for anyone who suffers with their feet. Neil’s relaxed but professional approach ensured that I got the most out of each appointment and I felt that I had space to ask questions or express concerns.

During the consultations, Neil listened to my needs and worked with me to create a pair of temporary insoles, which would give me the confidence that they would first solve my problem pains and second, when I was ready, to move on to having a pair bespoke orthotics to fit my requirements. Within 3 days of wearing the temporary insoles, the pain in my feet had completely gone. I then decided to go ahead and have the long term bespoke orthoses which I love.

All appointments were fit around my full time job and Neil even made himself available for any questions or worries when he was out of the country. Kinetic Podiatry Clinic offers a full service from start to finish and I would highly recommend.

Last but not least, Neil will teach you so much about feet that you’ll spend the rest of your days judging how other people walk. A trip into London will never be the same, as you spend your time diagnosing what you think your fellow commuters have wrong with their lower quarters. Please ensure you are prepared for this, it is not covered in the appointment briefing notes."

Clare, Brentwood

“I injured my foot during a football game, which kept me out of action for over a year with great discomfort and swelling to the underside of my left foot.   Kinetic Podiatry Clinic developed some bespoke inner soles for my work shoes and trainers to re-establish foot posture. Neil seemed quite sure I would be playing again within 6 months. I wore these every day with regular visits to Kinetic Podiatry Clinic and over the next few months the discomfort reduced to such an extent, that I felt confident enough to play again, I tried a game with the inner soles and felt no pain whatsoever. I am now back playing regularly. What a result!"

Dave, football injury

“Neil proposed a shoe insert to correct a foot and leg length birth defect to replace a homemade wooden insert that was causing me problems. This new hardwearing custom insert has vastly improved my mobility and I would recommend anyone with foot issues to contact Kinetic Podiatry Clinic.”

Mark, Club foot Deformity

“Having seen several people with regards to a foot problem, I can honestly say that on first speaking to Neil at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic I felt as if finally someone understood. More importantly, what the problem could be and how it could be treated. This first assumption proved to be correct. As well as having a superb knowledge, Neil also knows that you may be bruised emotionally and therefore he listens. He is Professional and explains matters in a clear and concise manner that puts you at ease. It is nice knowing that if you need advice or a simple bit of reassurance, Kinetic Podiatry Clinic is only a phone-call away.”

Sheila, Romford

“Having had a Gait Analysis done in the past by another company, Kinetic Podiatry Clinics Gait Analysis was exceptional in comparison. Not only did you track my running but also went as far to analyse various exercise in the gym. I was truly impressed by your knowledge and you were able to provide me with insoles in the same session. Since then I have entered myself in to various competitions as a result of your treatment and am training pain free.”

Taz, competitive sports

“Neil’s warmth and engaging personality immediately put me at ease. He is a total professional and very thorough in his assessment. I have enjoyed ballroom dancing for many years but have recently been concerned about an occasional balance problem. Neil is clearly very knowledgeable in his field and diagnosed a condition I was not aware of. He took the time to explain fully how this condition had occurred; how it could be rectified with orthotics and how wearing them now would prevent problems in the future.

Whilst I may not be appearing on ‘Strictly’ any time soon, I am really grateful to Neil that I can continue enjoying a pastime that is very important to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil, especially to anyone who enjoys sporting activities. As in my case, there may be conditions you might not be aware of but can be alleviated by a visit to Neil.”


Angela, dancer


"Neil at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic diagnosed (or rather confirmed my wife's diagnosis!) of plantar fasciitis very quickly, and after some gait analysis gave me some exercises which eased things straight away. The insoles which he had made for me have proved to be 100% effective, to the point where I now have zero symptoms. Bearing in mind that others I have spoken to with the same condition have had to put up with months of pain, I would call this a completely satisfactory outcome.

"On top of that Neil is a very pleasant person, and visits to his practice have always been enjoyable."

Malcolm, Shenfield

After having suffered from pain in my feet, I went to see Neil at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic to see what could be done. He was extremely professional all the way through and explained things in a way that I could easily understand - which certainly can't have been easy! Relatively quickly, he sorted me out with a pair of innersoles and, while they took a bit of getting used to as expected, since then I haven’t had any troubles. I'd certainly feel comfortable recommending Neil to anyone else with similar problems.

James, Brentwood