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Sports Coaches

When it comes to lower limb injury, there are two key responsibilities for you as the Sports Coach.

One is being aware of the physical stresses and strains being demanded of your own body through the process of demonstrating and participating in team training. The other, is being aware of the posture, movements and stresses placed on the individuals in your care and of course, any injuries encountered during training or team matches.

At Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we recommend that all Sports Coaches partake in an initial consultation and Gait Analysis to obtain information about their personal posture, leg and body movements and balance, for the goal of helping to prevent injury and maintain good health in the lower limbs.

Likewise, please recommend your players to partake in a consultation and Gait Analysis to prevent (or treat injury) and in order to pinpoint any areas that may be negatively affecting their performance and efficiency.

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