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If the winter months find you escaping to the ski and snowboarding slopes, they may also find you feeling a little apprehensive about the increased potential injury (or recurring injury) to your feet, knee and/or lower limbs.

When you ski or snowboard your feet naturally mould into a tight position within your boots, usually causing the knees to roll inwards and the ankles to lock out. This in turn applies an enormous amount of pressure to your knees, feet and ankles which increases as you perfect your balance and accelerate and stop at high speeds on the slopes - all within very cold, icy and wet conditions.

The combination of these extreme conditions and exaggerated movements whilst wearing poor fitting (or rarely worn) ski and snow boots, along with the constant pressure of a forward motion and cold limbs, could lead to sprains or fractures. Other common issues can include blisters, poor circulation and chilblains.

Prior to your ski or snowboarding holiday, we highly recommend that you consult Kinetic Podiatry Clinic. We can help with an existing or recurring injury, provide preventative advice and also advise you on how to potentially increase your mobility, speed, strength and performance.

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