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Shop Workers

If you are a shop worker or working within the retail and leisure industry, standing on your feet for very long periods combined with walking on hard surfaces (often whilst wearing unsuitable footwear such as high heels, thin soles or ill-fitting shoes) is a pre-requisite for the job! This can lead to problems with your feet and lower limbs. In turn, these problems can impact your knees, hips, back and neck.

At Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we strongly recommend a consultation to determine what, if any imbalances or irregularities could cause, or be causing you problems, and also in order to provide advice on your footwear, daily foot care and treatment.

Following a consultation, we may recommend a Gait Analysis. This accurately demonstrates and analysis your standing and walking style, how your foot ‘lands’ and what, if any, kind of support is best for you in terms of treating existing problems, preventing possible long term issues and even warding off disease.

To find out more please book your FREE 15 minute advisory consultation.