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If you have ever experienced swelling or varicose veins in one or both of your lower legs, ankles or feet, you will know that, despite being painless, just how concerning it can be.

Caused by a build up of fluid, the term used for the resulting swelling is known as Oedema. It is very common in later life.

It can occur as a result of irregularities in your circulation, an injury, surgery or infection, but may also occur if you are overweight, taking certain medications, or if you have been standing or sitting for a long period, for example in the car, at a desk, or on an airplane. For women in particular, it can occur when pregnant, whilst menstruating or if taking Estrogen (found in most birth control pills.)

A very common cause of Oedema is directly related to the way your feet are working

(The biomechanics) and is associated with abnormal stress and strain placed on the feet and lower limbs due to pronation. Over a long period of time this can lead to a build up of fluid and the resulting swelling.

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If you or someone you know is feeling unwell and experiencing swelling in any area of the body combined with tightness in the chest, please contact the emergency services as soon as possible.