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If you are currently serving in (or applying to) the Police or Military services it is likely that you have on-hand access to medical experts, including a podiatrist. However, there may be many reasons why you require advice from a private source. At Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we have diagnosed and treated discreetly and promptly a wide range of lower limb and feet issues. 

It could be that you are now retired but have an on-going or recurring issues or some other symptom that is affecting your feet, lower limbs, knee, hip or back.

A particularly common complaint stems from the time you spend, or have had to spend, standing on your feet. In fact, we have found that the problems of prolonged standing are not widely known and yet issues such as poor circulation, swelling in your lower limbs along with knee and back stiffness and pain, can potentially be diagnosed and treated relatively easily following an assessment of your feet.

Other problems can be the result of injury caused by high impact or extreme force. whatever your reason for contacting Kinetic Podiatry, we can help.

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