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Knee problems

There are many causes of knee pain and some, although not all are obvious.

In most cases your knee pain is directly related to a problem existing in your feet. For example, misalignment, imbalance and other biomechanical problems of your feet are all issues that can impact your knees. Feet and knees are inextricably linked.

If you suffer from excess pronation, where the foot and ankle roll inwards, and rotates your lower leg inwards, you will strain your knee cap and weaken your muscle structures directly leading to knee pain.

At Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we can detect these type of irregularities of your feet through a painless Gait Analysis, which can very accurately pinpoint any problems that may be affecting your knees, or other areas of your lower limbs. Treatment depends upon our analysis but often the use of Orthotics (bespoke insoles) offers the best solution for reducing or even eliminating knee pain.

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