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Kids Developments

The scope of podiatry for children (Podopaediatrics) is quite extensive.

Although at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic we treat toddlers and children, we do not promote intervention with a child’s natural development, unless there is a specific and beneficial reason to do so.

Your child’s feet are at the early stages of development. They can be especially prone to conditions that are very specific to children and their growth and early treatment is always advisable.

Children commonly complain of pain in their legs after running. This is usually due to ‘flat feet’. Flat feet, (excessive pronation) cannot be cured, but can be corrected through the use of temporary insoles. Left untreated, extreme stress and inflammation is placed on the lower limbs, leading to a great deal of discomfort and further foot problems.

If you are concerned about your child’s feet, we can advise you on a number of issues ranging from more common complaints (such as blisters and verrucas) through to complex matters including flat feet or and also other structural issues, abnormal pain in the feet and lower limbs, compromised posture and other symptoms that may appear to be irregular.

In relation to more complex matters and depending upon your concerns, we can carry out either a simple analysis, or a Gait Analysis, to enable us to pinpoint the specific problem or problems.

Although we focus on the source emanating from your child’s feet and lower limbs, associated problems and pain can also occur in the knee, hip and back all of which we are able to assess and treat through podiatric medicine if necessary. Treatment may be in the form of basic stretching or exercises, or may require temporary Insoles, strapping and orthotics (bespoke insoles), along with advice regarding correct footwear.

Whether you are concerned that your child has issues with their feet or lower limbs, if they have been complaining of persistent pain, if you have noticed that they have poor balance or flat knees, have trouble when running or walking, or if you are simply requiring advice about general issues such as the removal of a corn or blister,

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