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In The Gym

Sprains and tears, repetitive strain injuries, feet, knees, ankles and back pain. These are just some of the many common problems associated with working out in the gym, no matter what you’re level of fitness, and can leave you feeling frustrated and irritated.

Appropriate footwear or bespoke Orthotics can naturally assist with the correction of your body position, improve your posture and realign your body to counteract impaired balance and other irregularities. This helps you to minimise or even avoid injury with the underlying aim of significantly improving your workout.

If you would like further advice on our gym related injury preventative methods or if you have already suffered injury or developed annoying but painful conditions such as corns, blisters or calluses, please contact us for advice, solutions and fast, effective treatment.

To find out more please book your FREE 15 minute advisory consultation.