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In-growing Toenails

If you are experiencing an in-growing toenail you will certainly know it. There is no doubting the pain it can cause.

Some people and particularly children are prone to in-growing toenails. They can be simply a cause of incorrectly cutting nails, wearing tight shoes or tearing and pulling at the sides of nails.

Although you may be tempted to try to cut out the in-growing toenail yourself, it will almost always reappear, especially because the root of the nail is difficult to remove and partially remains, only to grow once more.

Our advice would be to contact us as soon as you detect an in-growing toenail (which usually begins as an irritation and quickly leads to infection.) In severe cases and left untreated, your in-growing toenail may lead to an unpleasant smell, puss and swelling.

We would especially advise any person suffering with diabetes, poor circulation, and joint replacements or pace makers to contact us as early as possible to remove your in-growing toenail and to enable us to prevent bacteria spreading through your blood stream.

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