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Heel Pain

The heels of your feet absorb the full impact of your body weight every time you walk, run or partake in sport or weight-bearing activities.

Heel pain is extremely common and most often is the result of small repetitive injuries. In children it can be caused by Sever’s disease. Heel pain can be extremely debilitating, depending on the type of heel pain you have, which can range from heel spur, heel bursitis, chronic inflammation, stress fracture and plantar fasciitis.

If you suffer from excess pronation, (where your foot and ankle rolls inwards) you are more likely to experience heel pain because it causes the arch of your foot to collapse which in turn stretches your supporting structures and strains the Plantar Fascia, which runs from your heels to your toes. Eventually you may develop a heel spur growth in the centre of your heel, causing pain.

Whether you have heel pain from excess pronation, basic problems or something far more severe, heel pain directly affects your mobility and posture. We have a number of recommended treatments that may help you. These include the use of Orthotics (bespoke insoles) that serve to realign your feet and reduces strain.

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