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Cracked heels

We tuck our feet firmly away in the winter! But come spring and summer, many of us enjoy wearing sandals, flip-flops or even going bare-foot. It is usually around this time therefore when we discover the ‘horror’ of our once smooth feet now looking shockingly dry with unsightly cracks across the toes and heels.

Although there are some home products and treatments available to reduce cracked heels, cracked heels (also known as heel fissures) and toes, or any cracks on your feet, can morph into very painful splits, making walking extremely uncomfortable and often resulting in bleeding. In more severe cases, cracks can become infected. Sometimes, cracks appear where calluses have formed and this can be extremely painful and not possible to treat effectively at home.

If you suffer from skin diseases such as eczema, or medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid or diabetes, or if you have poor circulation, any autoimmune disorders or if you are overweight, you may be at greater risk of cracked heels.

Please don’t suffer cracked heels in silence. Kinetic Podiatry Clinic can help.

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