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If you travel to work every day using public transport services, it is likely that you spend a great deal of your time running for buses or trains, negotiating stairs and escalators, leaping from trains or buses onto hard concrete pavements or platforms, pounding the streets and standing for prolonged periods.

Not concerned? Well, consider the fact that both of your feet are made up of 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, 133 joints and 26 bones! Your feet are a very complex and under-rated part of your body and quite likely the most neglected aspect of your body, too!

If you are generally standing for long periods and feel pain to your feet, ankles, knees, hip back and neck and if you are standing in uncomfortable shoes (especially heels or ill-fitting footwear) you could potentially accelerate joint problems, which in time could lead to arthritis.

Conversely, if you regularly jump, walk quickly or run on hard surfaces, you are putting continual strain on your lower limbs.

Many commuters find that their feet compensate underlying problems by rotating the foot inward or/and turning the sole upward. Impactful motions such as running, triggers vibrations up through your ankles, knees, hip, back and neck leading to discomfort, pain, permanent joint damage and potential disease.

Prevention and treatment for regular commuters is not only advisable, but easily accessible at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic where we can undergo a Gait Analysis to detect any abnormalities in your feet or lower limbs with a view to correction, to keeping your commute pain free, and to keeping you healthy and mobile.

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