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Calluses (Hard Skin)

It is very tempting to ignore calluses (hard skin) or to attempt to remove it yourself with scissors or other sharp implements.

However, removing hard skin yourself can leave your feet looking unsightly, feeling very sore and in some cases, lead to infection.

The problem with hard skin on your feet is that over time it continually builds up and eventually leads to painful feet. Hard skin forms as a protective mechanism to try to preserve an underlying problem. Left untreated, it can cause the area to completely breakdown and expose you to more complex problems.

Whether you are prone to repetitive hard skin problems or are incurring this problem for the first time, we recommend our professional advice and effective treatment to manage your feet and in order to return them to a healthy, pain-free and attractive condition.

Calluses are often found in areas on the foot or toe where your skin has been repeatedly rubbing as a result of wearing tight shoes or socks.

A Callus is an area of skin that has become discoloured, thick and hard and could lead to Infection if left untreated.

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