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As a builder, you are quite likely to be among the thousands of labourers and construction workers that avoid seeking medical advice despite being at a high risk of long-term injury to your joints, nerves and bones or, as in many cases, despite suffering pain frequently or all of the time.

However, there are many very simple steps that we at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic can take to minimise, treat and prevent any injury or musculoskeletal disorders to your lower limbs.

Treatment cannot only be fast and unobtrusive to your daily work, it could actually prevent the loss of your livelihood through serious injury or disease.

It is also worth noting that many disorders that start in your feet end up causing further problems with your knees, hips, back and neck.

For example, if you spend a lot of time on your knees (as a carpet or floor fitter, insulator, carpenter, painter or decorator for example) you may be suffering from knee, ankle, toe and foot issues.

If you tend to work in a singular position for most of the time, your posture becomes static and could eventually lead to muscle fatigue especially if you are generally standing on hard ground or flooring.

One of the most common, general complaints is back plain and more often than not this is associated with poor posture, stress and other imbalances of the lower limbs.

Of course, there are numerous other issues relating to direct and indirect injury whilst at work along general wear and tear on your body over time.

If you have any issues concerning your feet, lower limbs, knees, hip, back or even your neck please contact us.

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