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We all suffer from blisters at one time or another. They are an extremely common condition tending to form on the heel, toe or foot due to friction. They are easily identifiable by the fluid that collects in the lesion.

Many blisters will clear up on their own as new skin forms underneath the blister and absorbs the fluid. In most cases it is safe to ‘pop’ your blister but be careful to apply an antiseptic cream to the area to avoid infection. If you think that your blister is infected please consult us.

Blisters can become more serious if you suffer from diabetes because this disease slows down healing.

If you are a diabetes sufferer with blisters, are worried that a blister has become infected, have had a blister for three weeks and it has not healed, or if you have any other concerns, please contact Kinetic Podiatry Clinic about options regarding treatment.