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Back Problems

If you have ‘suffered in silence’ for years from back pain, you are not alone.

Millions of people suffer from back pain caused through injury, repeated and inaccurate lifting of heavy weights, stress, an inactive lifestyle, daily strains, underlying disease, and from being overweight. Back pain may also be the symptom of a medical condition.

Quite often, a Physio or Chiropractor is your first port of call when seeking treatment and effective back pain relief. However, we have found that many back pain problems are connected to muscoskeltal disfunction, for example irregularities in the ‘motion and fitting’ of your spinal joints, muscles and nerves. For example, if your feet and lower limbs do not function symmetrically or your posture is poor, it can lead to back pain. Back pain known as Lumbar-Sacral pain comes from stiffness of your lower back muscles. This stiffness is a result of irregular movement in your lower limbs, forcing your pelvis forward and increasing the curve in your lower back.

These irregularities are generally unseen by the untrained eye.

At kinetic Podiatry Clinic we can carry out a straightforward Gait Analysis to determine the root of your back pain and in many cases, bring relief or halt your pain altogether through the use of Orthotics. Orthotics (bespoke insoles) counterbalances your posture by very specifically realigning your feet.

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