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Millions of people (especially women) participate in aerobics, dance aerobics and more recently, zumba and boxercise each week, in an effort to lose weight, reduce stress, stay fit and keep in shape.

Aerobics includes jumping, bending, twists and turns, numerous side-to-side motions and of course, systematic pounding of the feet. All of these movements can potentially lead to injury including arch pain, heel spurs, Achilles tendon, stress fractures and more.

It is an extremely strenuous, hard impact form of activity and very difficult for your instructor to notice incorrect movements or potential problems in a large and active class. Therefore, at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic, we recommend our Gait Analysis to assess your risk of injury and to help you to sustain good levels of lower limb and foot health.

If you experience any pain or injuries, or would like to know more about Gait Analysis and how it may benefit you, please book an appointment to enable us to diagnose any problems and make recommendations to prevent recurrence.

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