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Neil McAllister BSc Hons PG Cert PS TPS MChs HCPC Reg.

Kinetic Podiatry - Neil McAllister BSc Hons PG Cert PS TPS MChs HCPC Reg.


Why I become a Podiatrist?

When I was 17 years old, I injured my knee running for the bus with a very heavy school bag. I literally could just about walk and could hardly run. My knee ached and hurt for many months. My mother took me to many so-called specialists and nothing was helping at all. After 6 months of no improvement, we went back to the GP and was referred to the local Podiatry clinic.

During the consultation, the Podiatrist told me I had flat feet and knees that rolled inwards. This resulted in my knee injury when I was running, of course exacerbated with the heavy school bag. My feet were moulded in plaster of paris and within a few weeks, I had a pair of specially made custom orthoses. After the first few days of wearing them, they felt weird but I could already feel an improvement in walking and a considerable reduction in knee pain. This was brilliant as two months later I had my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. We had two 50-mile marches, a practise and the official march, with a 2-day rest in between.You could imagine how concerned I was in completing this, especially with such a painful knee!

During the entire expedition I had no knee pain at all. The orthoses were brilliant and I know this may sound melo-dramatic, but actually saved my knees from getting worse and made such a difference to my life. They did then and over 20 years later, still do now, as long as I wear them.

Personally I have always had a fascination with sports, mechanics/engineering and injuries, especially after my own knee injury. Seeking a profession where I can help people and apply these skills, Podiatry was the profession for me. Therefore, on the Sep 1998, I went to university to study Podiatric Medicine for 3 years and haven't looked back since. I am grateful that I am in such a priviledged position with my knowledge and skill set to be able to help so many patients as a podiatrist.

So as to be able to help more and more patients, I have continued my education with further Post Graduate courses in Sports Injury Rehabiliation and Podiatric Surgery.

BSc Hons PG Cert PS TPS MChS

Underpinned by numerous industry-recognised qualifications including Podiatric Medicine, Sports Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Advanced Biomechanics to name but a few, Clinical Director and lead Podiatrist Neil S. McAllister is fully qualified and highly experienced in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of injuries and conditions to your lower limbs and feet.

An approved member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Neil has rare and invaluable insight into the holistic importance of Podiatry/Chiropody in today’s hectic lifestyle. Neil has a particular interest in sports injuries and the related biomechanics of the lower limb and has provided Podiatric Sports Injury support to football teams, marathon runners and players of many other sports.



  • BSc Honors Degree in Podiatric Medicine
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Study (Sports Injury Therapy)
  • Completing a 5 year Master of Science (MSc) in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery
  • Certificate in Local Anesthesia & Prescription only Medicines
  • Post Graduate Module in Medical Law.
  • Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) Reg.